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Heritage Monograms and Design is a Pasadena based studio specializing in bespoke monograms and custom illustrations for brides, home, personal stationery and special events.

Katie Darnell, founder and designer, brings her passion for creating a foundation of deep meaning to support the visual elements that are incorporated into each project. For example, apples were featured in one of Heritage Monograms’ recent wedding crests because they signify knowledge and goodwill, the groom hails from New York and the bride’s family farms apples in California. Katie enjoys the challenge of seamlessly blending symbols and meaning into one unified image.

The design process always begins with an in-depth interview, either in person or by phone, to learn about the client’s aesthetics, personal history, and how they envision using the monogram. Katie always asks her clients how they want to “feel” when they actually see their monogram in print.

Design concepts are initially rendered in pencil. The final artwork is translated into black and white ink for engraved pieces or full color for watercolor images. Many clients choose multiple print mediums for a special event.

Heritage Monograms’ portfolio illustrates how monograms can be applied and modified to serve many purposes, whether one is embarking upon planning a wedding or special event, gifting a child with their first box of personalized stationery or simply updating your own personal communication tools.

Heritage Monograms would be delighted to create something special and lasting that reflects the you that you know best!


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